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VP Culture & Social affairs - Art

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Vice-President for Culture & Social Affairs works on creating opportunities for students to communicate with other students, faculty members, and staff. Through social events and activities, the office seeks to build a stronger community and help students to collaborate effectively with colleagues.


  • Administrating all cultural and social affairs of the Institute.

  • Studying and solving student’s problems and difficulties and adopting necessary policies and strategies

  • Supervising cultural, social, and political activities of the Institute and their continuous evaluation and correct analysis

  • Supervising and evaluating all the units under the deputy’s office

  • Planning and supervising the execution of extra-curriculum activities in order to have more brilliant intellectual, cultural, and revolutionary activities for the students

  • Compiling, preparing, and proposing various cultural and social by-laws with the cooperation of relevant authorities and supervising their good execution.

  • Performing all the issues set in the regulations of the Institute and guidelines of the Ministry of Culture, Research & Development

About the Company

Lasya Dance (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

This organization focuses on strengthening classical art. Most importantly, THE LASYA emphasizes deculturation than denouncing any western influence we address the exploitation of talent,

we make a platform for the performing Artist to showcase the talent to the audience also we are concerned about promoting the young classical talents across the globe.

It not only works on promoting classical artwork but also ties memorable myths with legendary works of the past. With the flow of globalization, we often forget how our ancestors lived and how we miss out to experience aesthetic moments. Most importantly,

our culture and traditions make us unique and give us the feeling of belonging-ness. However, with the rush of performing our daily duties, we forget some essential integrals of our lives. Hence, to promote & educate as well as to preserve the exceptional yet reviving culture and art forms,

All of this work done by LASYA ORG,

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