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R&D Manager

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for a smart and talented Research and Development Manager who can perform several important roles within our Indian Heritage, Art & culture.

You will be responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols in our company. You will also be required to oversee the entire development process of new products and programs within the organization.

Your active participation will be required from the initial planning phase to implementation or production. Additionally, you are required to keep track of all the costs related to the creation of these new products and decide what ideas are worth pursuing.

You should also stay informed on what is happening in the research and development field at large to make sure the company is up-to-date and current with the most advanced R&D developments.


The research and Development Manager will have to use creative abilities and research methods to improve our existing products based on industry trends and develop new products to meet the needs of the company’s target market. You are expected to report on any technical product issues that are discovered during evaluation and manage product testing and trials, assessing the materials used, the efficiency of the process, and the effectiveness of the final product.

  • Creating coordinated data (recordings, written & aural sources) beneficial to research, education, and website.

  • Analysis of the new dance forms and writing a monograph

  • Enhancing the ways of reaching the audiences, developing new approaches to reach out to broader audiences to promote young dancers in better ways.

  • Personal interest and passion upon Indian culture and art.

  • Proven experience in a relevant role.

  • A strong sense of creativity aids in the process of thinking of new product ideas and solving problems creatively.

  • Great problem-solving skills.

  • Ability to pay attention to details.

  • Excellent leadership and managerial skills are also important.

  • The ability to communicate well with customers, colleagues, and lower-level staff.

  • Hands-on experience in managing or leading a team of employees.

  • Ability to multitask efficiently and good at managing time.

  • Good business sense.

Responsibilities of an R&D Manager job include:

  • Lead key projects with R&D to support business goals.

  • Develop research programs incorporating current developments to improve existing products and study the potential of new products.

  • Understand customer expectations on to-be manufactured products.

  • Determine and execute improved technologies used by suppliers, competitors, and customers.

  • Support Director to hire and develop R&D personnel.

  • Establish project goals and priorities by collaborating with Marketing and Operations.

  • Transfer new technologies, products, and manufacturing processes into and out of the company.

  • Research, design and evaluate materials, assemblies, processes, and equipment.

  • Suggest training tools to enhance employee performance and skill development.

  • Monitor team metrics and objectives ensuring meeting of goals.

  • Document all phases of research and development.

  • Manage customer relationships and perform RFP reviews, customer visits, and product testing.

  • Establish and maintain testing procedures for assessing raw materials, in-process and finished products.

  • Oversee complex research projects, analyze results and provide recommendations based on findings.

  • Assess the scope of research projects and ensure they are on time and within budget.

  • Be present at industry conferences on research topics of interest.

Education Qualifications

A master’s degree in the relevant field. However, the field in which you got your degree could even be general like human resources, finance, or management. A bachelor’s degree may also be acceptable if the candidate has experience working within the industry of relevance or general R&D experience.

About the Company

Lasya Dance (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

This organization focuses on strengthening classical art. Most importantly, THE LASYA emphasizes deculturation than denouncing any western influence we address the exploitation of talent,

we make a platform for the performing Artist to showcase the talent to the audience also we are concerned about promoting the young classical talents across the globe.

It not only works on promoting classical artwork but also ties memorable myths with legendary works of the past. With the flow of globalization, we often forget how our ancestors lived and how we miss out to experience aesthetic moments. Most importantly,

our culture and traditions make us unique and give us the feeling of belonging-ness. However, with the rush of performing our daily duties, we forget some essential integrals of our lives. Hence, to promote & educate as well as to preserve the exceptional yet reviving culture and art forms,

All of this work done by LASYA ORG,

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