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Dance Instructor

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Job Type

Full Time / Part Time / Freelancing

About the Role

We are looking to hire a passionate dance instructor to join our Lasya dance studio. You will be responsible for teaching and training a dynamic group of students in a range of techniques and dance styles, ensuring that all students are engaged, motivated, and inspired to achieve their goals in their chosen area of dance.
If you love to dance and enjoy working with people of all ages.

• To enable students to learn basic footwork and hand movements in Indian Dance Genres.
• To engage students in holistic learning in creating processes to explore the elements of dance.
• To engage students’ appreciation in purposeful discussion on dances that were performed or viewed.
• To build students’ kinesthetic, spatial and aesthetic awareness as an art form while demonstrating the values of perseverance, teamwork, and discipline.


  • Instructor should have a Diploma or Certificate in (Indian Classical Dance).

  • Instructors supplied by the Contractor shall be registered with the Ministry of Education.

  • All Instructors should have preferably 3 years of coaching experience in Indian Dance.

  • Instructors should provide a list of current and past training conducted

  • All Instructors should be competent to handle the tasks and responsibilities assigned

About the Company

Lasya Dance (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

This organization focuses on strengthening classical art. Most importantly, THE LASYA emphasizes deculturation than denouncing any western influence we address the exploitation of talent,

we make a platform for the performing Artist to showcase the talent to the audience also we are concerned about promoting the young classical talents across the globe.

It not only works on promoting classical artwork but also ties memorable myths with legendary works of the past. With the flow of globalization, we often forget how our ancestors lived and how we miss out to experience aesthetic moments. Most importantly,

our culture and traditions make us unique and give us the feeling of belonging-ness. However, with the rush of performing our daily duties, we forget some essential integrals of our lives. Hence, to promote & educate as well as to preserve the exceptional yet reviving culture and art forms,

All of this work done by LASYA ORG,

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